Programming Projects Main Page

Hey, just so you know, I made this page a long time ago (you probably guessed this just by looking at the page). This was my first HTML project, and I have gotten better at making pages since. But I'm too lazy to update the site because it works right now, so why mess with something that works already? Whatever... I might improve it at some point, but for now just try to handle this. Welcome to my programming projects website!
Most of my projects are located on GitHub, and this page is an extra place for smaller or web projects. You can find my GitHub here.
I have a game (which is kinda silly) called ClickTheFace. You can play it here. BEWARE THE TITLE!
runasroot for Macs - run any program easily as root - Click here to download installer .pkg (WARNING: Does not work on OS X El Capitan because of SIP)
Download my avatar
Possible Blog thing
A launcher for The Sims (mainly 2)
Calculate the amount of CDs to burn music
Bi/Trinomial Calculator
Number of Expansion/Game/Stuff Packs for The Sims 4